Locating on the map

In case of asset tracking the main feature of GPS devices may differ from AVL or personal tracking.

Most noteworthy properties of asset trackers using for locating are:

  • Long lasting battery. The majority of the asset trackers don’t have external power sources. It means they must have a battery with enough capacity (about 3000-7000 mAh). Some models use built-in batteries, while others use changeable batteries.
  • Deep sleep mode is the another useful feature to extend battery life. While some modules (or other parts) of GPS device are switched off, it saves battery power. Without going to sleep mode a device can’t be related to asset tracking.
  • Interval tracking mode is a fundamental operation mode of asset trackers. A device updates its position several times a day. In case of sea shipments GPS trackers can be set to wake up one time a day. It also saves tracker’s power and extend its work.
  • GNSS is a prevailing way of navigating for asset tracking, because a cargo can be transferred across areas there’s no GPRS.

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