Preventing a steal

Protecting the property is the second global mission of GPS units. Even a simple tracker can make criminal life harder. Protective methods can be divided into two types: mechanical and warning solutions.

The most popular anti-theft features of GPS tracker are:

  • Engine blocking. Some GPS devices are set up with a special relay that can block an engine (or petrol pump) and force a vehicle to stop. Some others car parts may also be blocked, but usually it needs more difficult installation works.
  • Use of built-in accelerometer can detect unauthorized motion of vehicles on parking. Towing detection helps not only in case of car theft, but also when you leave a car in wrong place. Anyway a car owner will have a few minutes to come back to a parking place.
  • Door opening detection may become a stumbling block for criminals. The system will inform a car owner that the car is opened a give him a time handicap to prevent a stealing.
  • Geofence control looks not so efficient in case of anti-theft protection because a car is already stolen. But preset of Geo-Zone may be useful in car sharing with your family members. When your car leaves a town, you may be instantly notified.

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