Monitoring vehicle’s health

A GPS unit may also be a tool for keeping a car in good conditions. It helps to understand how safe is your car and when does your vehicle need to visit a service center.

You may enjoy such features in most types of cars:

  • Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) reading is a common feature of of smart OBDII devices that can successfully work for family cars. Intelligent system will analyze the situation and timely inform you about the problem.
  • Maintenance timing may be easily controlled with a good vehicle GPS device and smart tracking platform. After reaching preset thousands of miles you will get a notification via email or SMS. Then you just need to move to a service center.
  • Harsh-driving and overspeeding detection can be a good feature for customers who share a car with family members (especially with children). However, you can also control your own driving style to satisfy curiosity and draw conclusions.

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